Jason Roeder

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Jason Roeder
GenresDoom metal, hardcore punk, experimental, post-metal
Years active1985–present
LabelsNeurot, Relapse, Alternative Tentacles, Lookout!, Alchemy
Associated actsNeurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Sleep

Jason Roeder is the drummer of the Oakland-based metal bands Neurosis and Sleep.

He played in the hardcore punk band Violent Coercion with Scott Kelly and Dave Edwardson before the trio formed Neurosis in 1985.[1] In 2010, Roeder replaced the retiring drummer of the stoner metal band Sleep.[2]


Roeder has played on kits with only a single rack and floor tom since he was 12 years old. He says that the basic set-up forces more creativity. He custom builds his own snare drums while using DW hardware and Paiste cymbals.[3][4]



Neurosis & Jarboe

Tribes of Neurot

  • Rebegin (1995)
  • Silver Blood Transmission (1995)
  • Static Migration (1998)
  • Grace (1999)
  • 60° (2000)
  • Adaptation and Survival: the Insect Project (2002)
  • Meridian (2005)



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