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This article is about the writer. For the former Australian rules footballer, see Jason Snell (footballer). For the visual effects artist, see Jason Snell (visual effects artist).
Jason Snell
Born Oakland, California
Nationality American
Website sixcolors.com

Jason Snell (born October 6, 1970 in Oakland, California) is an American writer and editor whose professional career has been spent covering Apple Inc.'s Macintosh computers and related technologies. He was also one of the early users of the Internet as a publishing medium, with several magazines and web sites to his credit. He was the editorial director of Mac Publishing, the publishers of the U.S. edition of Macworld. His column appears monthly in that magazine. In 2006 the MDJ Power 25, a poll of Mac-industry-watchers, named him the 6th most powerful/influential person in the world of Macintosh computing.[1] (In the previous poll, Snell had been 11th.[2])


Snell grew up in the small town of Sonora, California, graduating from Sonora High School in 1988. He attended Revelle College at the University of California, San Diego, working for three years on the staff of the UCSD Guardian newspaper.

In 1991, while at UCSD, Snell founded InterText, an early Internet-based magazine, which was originally distributed via FTP and e-mail in plain-text and PostScript formats. (It was preceded by several groundbreaking Internet fiction magazines, including David 'Orny' Liscomb's FSFNet; Jim McCabe's Athene; and Daniel K. Appelquist's science-fiction magazine Quanta.) InterText published hundreds of short stories in various genres until it ceased publication in 2004.

Snell graduated in 1992 with a degree in Communication. In 1994 he received a master's degree from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1994 Snell began working at the U.S. edition of MacUser magazine, beginning his career writing about the Macintosh computer. In 1996, Snell co-founded Internet humor and commentary site TeeVee.org.

He lives in Mill Valley, California, with his wife and two children.[3]


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