Jason Tsai

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Jason Tsai
Jason Tsai & his wife
Born (1951-05-17) May 17, 1951 (age 67)
Tainan,  Taiwan
Occupation Founder & Chairman of Entagroup:
Entatech UK Ltd
Entamedia Ltd
Spouse(s) Ruth Tsai
Children 2

Jason Tsai (born Tsai Ji-chun, Chinese: 蔡吉春; 17 May 1951) is a Taiwanese Founder and Chairman of Entagroup companies including Entatech UK Ltd and Entamedia Ltd. He is also the founder of Telford Chinese School and the president of The Tsai Lao-Chi Charitable Foundation in the UK. His company Changtel was found by HMRC to have participated in Carousel Fraud and Tsai lost control of Entatech. On 8th of May 2017, as the final link to that fraud, Entatech entered administration and 50 people lost their jobs overnight. [1]


ENTA GROUP companies:

Charity and Sponsorship[edit]

  • Tsai Lau-Chi Charitable Foundation
  • Telford Chinese School, promoting Chinese Culture to the West[2]
  • Tsai's Gallery in Enta H.Q. Collections from Taiwanese Oil Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic Art, and Publications etc.[3]

Awards and Achievements[edit]

  • Youth Model Awards of Overseas Taiwanese Entrepreneur (1995)[4]
  • Chairman of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in the UK (1998)
  • Chairman of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Europe (1999)
  • Councillor of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee (2000–2006)[5]
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, Comms Business Awards (2010)[6]

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