Jasper Duncombe, 7th Baron Feversham

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Jasper Orlando Slingsby Duncombe, 7th Baron Feversham, (born 14 March 1968), also known as The Porn Baron, is a British nobleman and producer of pornographic films. He is the current Baron Feversham. He lives in Fulham, London, and is married to Candida Boddington with a son, Orlando.[1]

He is the eldest son of the late Charles Anthony Peter Duncombe, 6th Baron Feversham, and was educated at Gordonstoun with Prince Edward. After serving three years in prison for attempted robbery while high on cocaine, he founded the pornographic film companies Tongue in Cheek and Relish XXX, the latter of which sells titles to National Health Service fertility clinics and sperm banks. They also install vending machines with VHS cassettes and DVDs in pub bathrooms.[1]

He was estranged from his father in the years before his death due to his father's disapproval of his career choice, and was thus disinherited from his father's £46-million estate.[1] However, he did succeed him to the barony on his death on 29 March 2009.[2]


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Peerage of Great Britain
Preceded by
Peter Duncombe, 6th Baron
Baron Feversham
Heir apparent:
Hon. Orlando Duncombe