Jasper in a Jam

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Jasper in a Jam (1946) is a short film in the Puppetoon Series by George Pal. It starred the voice of singer Peggy Lee, and was directed by Duke Goldstone and released by Paramount Pictures. It is also on The Puppetoon Movie and 50 Classic Cartoons Volume 3.

Plot summary[edit]

The story takes place in a pawnshop where a young African-American boy named Jasper visits in the city. Every night at midnight, all the musical instruments in the pawnshop come to life and play. The music of Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra are featured playing the songs "Pompton Turnpike" and "Cherokee" and Lee (as a singing harp) sings "Old Man Mose is Dead". Meanwhile, Jasper after playing a clarinet and jamming with a magic trumpet he is then trapped by a totem pole which plays the saxophone. while being stalked by a clay Indian who throws axes at him. When the night watchman enters the shop, all the items return to their places and Jasper finally makes his escape.

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