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Mian Mukund Dev of Jasrota, ca (1720-1770).

Jasrotia is a rajput clan,[citation needed] sub-clan of Sangotre or Jamwals of Jammu province of Jammu & Kashmir in India.[citation needed]

The term Jasrotia is evolved from Jasrota, which was a rajput state founded in 1019 A.D. by King Jasdev of Jammu.Jasrota is a village in Kathua District of Jammu And Kashmir state.It is just 16km from Kathua city.There ia a famous temple of Maha Kali(Jasrota Mata) which is the Kul Devi of Jasrotia Rajputs.[citation needed] During Aurangzeb's reign, Jasrotias migrated from Rajasthan to northern India. Jasrotias claimed to be of solar origin,[1][dubious ] and belonged to the Mian class which was considered superior to other five[a] rajput classes of the region.[1][dubious ] The kingdom became extinct in 1834 and now a larger part of it has been converted into a wild-life sanctuary.Jasrotias are more familiars with Andotras and enemies of Mahajans as they always try to fall down jasrotias. The members of Jasrotia clan meet annually at their ancestor place to pay homage to their ancestors {NLN}.[2]



  1. ^ The other five rajput class beside Mian were, Thakkars I, Thakkars II, Rajputs, Rathis I and Rathis II.


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