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Mian Mukund Dev of Jasrota, ca (1720-1770).

Jasrotia is a rajput clan,[citation needed] sub-clan of Sangotre or Jamwals of Jammu province of Jammu & Kashmir in India.[1][need quotation to verify]

The term Jasrotia is evolved from Jasrota, which was a rajput state founded in 1019 A.D. by King Jasdev of Jammu.[citation needed] During Aurangzeb's reign, they migrated from Rajasthan to northern India. Jasrotias claimed to be of solar origin,[2][dubious ] and belonged to the Mian class which was considered superior to other five[a] rajput classes of the region.[2][dubious ] The kingdom became extinct in 1834 and now a larger part of it has been converted into a wild-life sanctuary. The members of Jasrotia clan meet annually at their ancestor place to pay homage to their ancestors.[3]



  1. ^ The other five rajput class beside Mian were, Thakkars I, Thakkars II, Rajputs, Rathis I and Rathis II.


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