Jassy (film)

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UK release poster
Directed by Bernard Knowles
Produced by Sydney Box
Written by Norah Lofts (novel)
Dorothy Christie
Campbell Christie
Geoffrey Kerr
Starring Margaret Lockwood
Patricia Roc
Dennis Price
Ernest Thesiger
Nora Swinburne
Music by Henry Geehl
Cinematography Geoffrey Unsworth
Edited by Charles Knott
Distributed by Gainsborough Pictures, General Film Distributors (UK);
Universal Pictures (USA)
Release dates
1947 (UK);
1948 (USA)
Running time
100 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Jassy is a 1947 British film melodrama, based on a novel by Norah Lofts. It is a Gainsborough melodrama, the only one to be made in Technicolor.[1]


A fine country estate has just been lost at the roll of a dice, and the Hatton family have to move out as the Helmars take possession.

As new landlords, the Helmars then have to face an angry mob of villagers, demanding better working conditions. They are led by Tom, who is mortally wounded by a drunken Helmar.

The Hattons have been employing Tom’s wild half-gypsy daughter Jassy as a servant, but sack her when she gets too close to their son Barney. She makes friends with Helmar’s daughter Dilys, who gets her a job as her father’s housekeeper at the big estate. Soon she marries him, but after a riding accident, he becomes violent towards her. A dumb servant-girl Lindy poisons Helmar for his brutality to his wife. Lindy and Jassy are both charged with the crime and found guilty. But the shock has restored Lindy’s power of speech, and she is able to exonerate Jassy, who signs over the estate to Barney, as its rightful owner, and the two of them are reunited.



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