Jassy Bindra

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Jassy Bindra
Police career
Current status Human trafficking co-ordinator for British Columbia
Department Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Country Canada
Rank Corporal

Corporal Jassy Bindra is the human trafficking co-ordinator for the British Columbia division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).[1] She emphasizes the importance of knowing the indicators that identify human trafficking victims; namely, their lack of access to their visas, their looking to their employers before speaking, their inability or refusal to speak English, and their frequent relocation.[2] In 2011, she stated that there were more than 30 ongoing investigations into human trafficking across Canada.[3] At the thirteenth national conference of the Metropolis Project in 2011, she led a workshop called "RCMP Practices and Perspectives on Human Trafficking".[4] In March 2012, she spoke at the Nanaimo Campus of Vancouver Island University about human trafficking in Canada.[5] More specifically, she discussed what members of the public can do to combat human trafficking, what the government is doing about human trafficking, and how to recognize a human trafficking victim.[6] Later that month, she delivered a presentation about human trafficking at the Chilliwack city hall in conjunction with Stop Sexual Exploitation of Youth Awareness Week.[7] The presentation lasted two hours and was open to the public.[8] That September, she appeared on a panel discussion about human trafficking in conjunction with a performance of Andrew Kooman's She Has a Name in Vancouver.[9] The following month, she was a guest speaker at the launch of the Awareness-Raising Project to Combat Human Trafficking, also in Vancouver.[10]


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