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Jaswal is a Rajput clan found in India and Pakistan.


The Jaswal Rajputs belongs to Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Their ancestor Raja Purab Chand was a brother of the Raja of Kangra, who carved out an independent kingdom in the Swaan valley, which came to be known as Jaswan.[1]

The present head of the clan is Raja Naginder Singh Jaswal, son of Raja Chain Singh Jaswal (since 1945) who lives in his ancestral palace at Amb (Una District).[2]

Notable persons[edit]

  • Baljit Singh Jaswal, military chief[3] GOC-in-C (general officer commanding-in-chief) of Northern Command Indian Army.
  • Kanwar Rameshwar Singh Jaswal, Indian Police Services (IPS)[4]
  • B.S. Jaswal, Awarded the Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry) on 26 January 1963 for his heroic helicopter rescue in Ladakh[5]
  • Yasir Jaswal, singer, film director
  • Umair Jaswal, singer, songwriter, music producer, actor
  • Uzair Jaswal, singer, songwriter, actor


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