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Jat Airways Hotels are a chain of hotels in Serbia. The hotel chain was once subsidiary of the national airline of Serbia - Jat Airways which rebranded to Air Serbia in 2013. It is still a partner of the airline and therefore still holds the name of the former airline.



Slavija Hotel (left) and Slavia Lux Hotel (right)

In Belgrade there are three Jat Airways Hotels. All are called Slavija hotels as they are located on the Slavija Square in the city centre, at 44°48′7.2″N 20°28′0.8″E / 44.802000°N 20.466889°E / 44.802000; 20.466889. The Slavija hotel complex contains three buildings. The tallest one being a 3 star hotel, a second smaller 2 star hotel where groups of children on school excursions usually stay and "Hotel Slavija Lux" – a 5 star all glass hotel. All hotels except the 2 star hotel have both apartments and smaller rooms. Hotel Slavija Lux is popular with famous people staying in Belgrade.[citation needed]

In front of the hotels there is a stop for a special bus line directly to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

All three hotels became controlled by the government until a suitable buyer was found in 2007.[1]


Kopaonik is one of Serbia's most popular ski resorts.[citation needed] The Jat Apartments Kopaonik Hotel was built in the 1980s and is the largest hotel within the Kopaonik hotels complex.[citation needed]


The Jat Airways hotel in Vršac is located within the Jat Airways Flight Academy. The capacity of the hotel is 120 beds. The hotel is only 20 minutes walking distance from Vršac Airport and usually houses trainees at the flight academy.


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