Jatco 5R05 transmission

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The 5R05, also called RE5R05A (Nissan part), JR507E/JR509E (Jatco part) or TG5C/TG5D "5EAT" (Subaru part), is a Jatco 5-speed automatic transmission, released in 2002, used in rear wheel drive or 4X4 vehicles with longitudinal engines. It shares little to nothing in common with the older RE5R01A transmission.



Its OEM ATF is the Original NISSAN ATF Matic J, for worldwide applications.[1] Only for USA, this was superseded by Matic S in 2008.

For Subaru applications the fluid must conform to ATF-HP specifications. This is available from the dealer as relabeled Idemitsu fluid. Valvoline produces a blue bottled "Import Multi Vehicle" fluid that is applicable to all of North America while the red bottled "Max life ATF" is not applicable to vehicles operated in California. Castrol Transmax J and Pennzoil ATF-J are also approved fluids.

Gear ratios[edit]

Type/Gear 1 2 3 4 5 R
A - 95X1A 3.827 2.368 1.519 1.000 0.834 2.613
B - 98X5B, 99X5B 3.842 2.353 1.529 1.000 0.839 2.765
C - 90X02, 90X69, 91X14, 91X78, 92X12 3.540 2.264 1.472 1.000 0.834 2.370