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Coat of arms of Jatibonico
Coat of arms
Jatibonico municipality (red) within  Sancti Spíritus Province (yellow) and Cuba
Jatibonico municipality (red) within
Sancti Spíritus Province (yellow) and Cuba
Jatibonico is located in Cuba
Location of Jatibonico in Cuba
Coordinates: 21°56′47″N 79°10′3″W / 21.94639°N 79.16750°W / 21.94639; -79.16750Coordinates: 21°56′47″N 79°10′3″W / 21.94639°N 79.16750°W / 21.94639; -79.16750
Country  Cuba
Province Sancti Spíritus
 • Total 765 km2 (295 sq mi)
Elevation 347 m (1,138 ft)
Population (2004)[2]
 • Total 42,708
 • Density 55.8/km2 (145/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-6)
Area code(s) +53-41-88xxxx

Jatibonico is a municipality and town in the Sancti Spíritus Province of Cuba.


In 2012, the municipality of Jatibonico had a population of 42,959.[2] With a total area of 765 km2 (295 sq mi),[1] it has a population density of 55.8/km2 (145/sq mi).

Catholic Parish Church[edit]

A gallery of stained glass windows can be found at Jatibonico's St. Joseph Catholic Parish Church, unique in its kind in the whole of Cuba.[3]

Jatibonico Oil Field[edit]

The Jatibonico Oil Field was discovered in the early 1950s by Grupo Jarueca after surface oil seeps were noticed in the area. Oil was discovered at a depth of about 1,100 feet in a marly shale within a structural high. This was the first new field discovered in the post-World War II era and the start of several more fields in the Central Basin of Cuba.[4]

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