Jatibonico del Sur River

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Jatibonico del Sur
Rio Jatibonico del Sur.jpg
Fishermen at the Jatibonico del Sur.
Physical characteristics
SourceSanta Clara
 ⁃ coordinates22°13′N 79°14′E / 22.217°N 79.233°E / 22.217; 79.233
 ⁃ elevation220 m (720 ft)
MouthAtlantic Ocean
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
21°33′N 79°09′E / 21.550°N 79.150°E / 21.550; 79.150Coordinates: 21°33′N 79°09′E / 21.550°N 79.150°E / 21.550; 79.150
 ⁃ elevation
0 m (0 ft) (Sea level)
Length119.5 km (74.3 mi)
 ⁃ average8.48 m3/s (299 cu ft/s)

Río Jatibonico del Sur is a river of southern Cuba.

The river's source is located approximately 1 kilometre south of the town Iguará at 220 metres of altitude. The water then splits into two streams, running down from the heights of the municipality of Santa Clara . The southern one is Río Jatibonico del Sur, while the northern one is Río Jatibonico del Norte. The river's mouth is located at the tip of Jatibonico in a low and marshy area, about 15 kilometers south of the town El Jíbaro. The river has a total length of 119.5 kilometres, constituting the border between the municipalities of Taguasco and Jatibonico, as well as the latter and La Sierpe.[1][2]

The water of the river is used for agriculture, especially rice plantations.[3]

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