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Coordinates: 29°31′0″N 70°51′0″E / 29.51667°N 70.85000°E / 29.51667; 70.85000

Jatoi (Urdu: جتوئ‎), is the capital city of Jatoi Tehsil (administrative subdivision), in Muzaffargarh district, Punjab province, Pakistan. The estimated population of Jatoi Tehsil is 7 lac (0.7 million).

The city has its 1st shopping mall in 2017 (Bin Sadiq Shopping Mall).

The city have a Govt. Girls degree college. It is built recently in 2013. It has Govt. Boys Degree College & High Schools for Boys & Girls. It also has a large number of private institutions. It has no park, library, or sports ground. Jatoi is an agricultural city, with very fertile soil and water provided by a canal system and tube wells, producing two or three crops in a year. Major crops are cotton, wheat, sugarcane, rice, and sunflower. The major fruits are mango, dates and jamun. Politicians include Sardar Abdul Qayyum Jatoi, Syed Abdullah Shah Bukhari and their sons, and later ones including Khan Muhammad Khan, Sami Ullah khan Laghari, Syed Jameel Shah Bukhari . The city has a mosque, located in the Kotla Rehm Ali shah, a rural part of Jatoi Tehsil. The literacy rate is about 5%. The environment has been damaged by intensive felling of trees; but in 2012 more than 1000 trees were planted.

Sports clubs of Jatoi[edit]

Mcc Tigers cricket club (REG) is well known sports club of Jatoi.[1] Facebook Jatoi Pakistan www.facebook.com/jatoi


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