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Laguna de Paca in the Jauja Province
Laguna de Paca in the Jauja Province
Coat of arms of Jauja
Coat of arms
Location of Jauja in the Junín Region
Location of Jauja in the Junín Region
FoundedOctobre, 1533
 • MayorCesar Davila Veliz
 • Total3,749 km2 (1,447 sq mi)
3,336 m (10,945 ft)
 • Total83,257
 • Density22/km2 (58/sq mi)

Jauja Province is a Peruvian province. It is one of the nine provinces of the Junín Region. To the north it borders with the Yauli, Tarma and Chanchamayo Provinces. To the east with the Satipo Province, to the south with the Concepción Province and to the west with the Lima Region. The capital of the Jauja Province is the city of Jauja. The city was founded by Francisco Pizarro as the first capital of Peru.

Before the arrival of the Spaniards the province was called Hatun Xauxa and it was the main center of the nation Hatunwanka Xauxa, that consisted of Tawantinsuyu after the expansion of Pachakutiq Inca.


The province lies in the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve. The Paryaqaqa mountain range traverses the province. One of the highest mountains of the province is Paryaqaqa (Tulluqutu) at 5,750 metres (18,865 ft). Other mountain are listed below:[1]

Some of the largest lakes of the province are Antaqucha, Asulqucha, Challwaqucha, Llaksaqucha, Mankhaqucha, Pumaqucha, Qarwaqucha, Ñawinqucha, Warmiqucha, Wich'iqucha and Yuraqqucha.

Political division[edit]

The Province of Jauja is divided into 34 districts:

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