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Jaume (or Santiago) Vallcorba Plana (21 September 1949 – 23 August 2014) was a Spanish philologist and publisher.

Life and career[edit]

Born in Tarragona, Catalonia, he completed an Arts degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and obtained a PhD at the University of Barcelona with a thesis on Josep Maria Junoy and the early European avant-garde movements. He was a lecturer and professor in Literature at the University of Bordeaux, the University of Lleida, the University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) but he left university teaching in 2004.

He was a permanent member of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Catalonia [1] and a scholar of medieval aesthetics and literature. He founded the publishing houses Quaderns Crema in 1979 and Editorial Acantilado in 1999 and has been director of both since their inception. As a scholar, his main contribution to the world of letters was a new perspective on the early-twentieth-century avant-garde movements. In the realm of publishing he has launched the brilliant generation of new writers in Catalan, including Quim Monzó, Sergi Pàmies and Empar Moliner. Featuring in his catalogue in Spanish are great classics from the past, a rediscovery he has helped to bring about in the form of new editions – Chateaubriand, James Boswell and Montaigne, for example – along with a considerable number of European authors, from Pessoa, to Imre Kertész, Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth. He has introduced to Spanish readers a considerable number of contemporary Central European writers as well as new talents writing in Spanish.

He published numerous studies on aesthetics and literature and was directly commissioned by the poet J. V. Foix to publish his poetic oeuvre. He also published Junoy’s poetry.[2]

Selected works[edit]


  • De la primavera al Paraíso (Acantilado, 2013)
  • J. M. Junoy, Obra poètica (Poetic Works, 1984). New edition (Acantilado, 2010)
  • Pintors i poetes cubistes i futuristes: una teoría de la primera avantguarda (Cubist and Futurist Painters and Poets: A Theory of the Early Avant-garde, 1986)
  • J. V. Foix, edition of his poems (1983-1997)
  • Las vanguardias europeas: cubismo, futurismo y nunismo (The European Avant-gardes: Cubism, Futurism and Nunism, 1995)
  • Lectura de la Chanson de Roland (Reading The Song of Roland), with a presentation by Martí de Riquer, (1986). New edition (Acantilado, 2010)
  • Noucentisme, mediterraneisme i classicisme. Apunts per a la història d’una estética (Noucentism, Mediterraneanism and Classicism: Notes for the History of an Aesthetics, 1995)
  • J. V. Foix, investigador en poesia (J. V. Foix, Investigator in Poetry, 2002)
  • Àlbum Manolo Hugué (The Manolo Hugué Album), in collaboration with Artur Ramon (2005)
  • Son nou de flors els rams li renc (New in Flower are Branch and Bough, 2005)


Among the prizes and awards Jaume Vallcorba Plana has received are the following:

  • FAD (Promotion of the Decorative Arts) Gold Medal (2001)
  • National Prize for Best Individual Contribution to Publishing, 2002[3]
  • City Council of Barcelona Gold Medal for Cultural Merit (2004)
  • Grand Order of Merit for Cultural Contribution, conceded by the Republic of Poland (2005)
  • Publishing Merit Award at the Guadalajara International Book Fair (2010)
  • Nominee to International Zbigniew Herbert Award First Edition, Poland, 2013
  • National Prize of Culture, conceded by the Government of Catalonia (2014)


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