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Jaume Vicens Vives (6 June 1910 in Girona, Spain – 28 June 1960 in Lyon, France) was a Spanish historian, and is considered, along with Pierre Vilar, one of top influential Catalan historians of 20th century.[1]

According to Eliseu Climent i Corberà, his 1954 book Notícia de Catalunya was a direct source and inspiration for Joan Fuster's influential 1962 book Nosaltres, els valencians.[1] Vicens book was to be originally titled Nosaltres els catalans, but it was renamed under Josep Pla's advice,[2] for fear of Francoist censorship.[3] Fuster's work has the same structure and intention of Vicens'.[4][5] The book was expanded and republished in 1960. Notícia de Catalunya had also a major influence on Jordi Pujol.[1] Vicens was also a friend an influence for Joan Reglà.[1][6]


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