Jaunauce Manor

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Jaunauce Manor
Jaunauces muižas pils 2000-11-04.jpg
General information
Architectural style Empire stlye
Town or city Saldus municipality
Country Latvia
Completed Beginning of 19th century
Client Count Karl Johann Friedrich von Medem

Jaunauce Manor (Latvian: Jaunauces muižas pils; German: Schloss Neu-Autz) is a manor house in Jaunauce parish in Saldus municipality in the historical region of Courland, in western Latvia. It was built in the early 19th century for Count Karl Johann Friedrich von Medem, who bequeathed the estate to his daughter Caroline and her husband Ferdinand von der Ropp in 1827. It belonged to the von der Ropp family until the agrarian reform in 1920. The building has housed the Jaunauce primary school since 1931. Jaunace Manor is one of the best preserved examples of late classicism architecture in Latvia.

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