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JD - Java Decompiler
Java decompiler
Original author(s)Emmanuel Dupuy
Stable release
JD-Core 0.7.1
JD-GUI 1.4.1
JD-Eclipse 0.1.5
JD-IntelliJ 0.6
Written inJava
Available inEnglish
TypeSoftware engineering
LicenseGNU GPL 3

JD (Java Decompiler) is a decompiler for the Java programming language. JD is provided as a GUI tool as well as in the form of plug-ins for the Eclipse (JD-Eclipse) and IntelliJ IDEA (JD-IntelliJ) integrated development environments.

JD supports most versions of Java from 1.1.8 through 1.7.0 as well as JRockit 90_150, Jikes 1.2.2, Eclipse Java Compiler and Apache Harmony and is thus often used where formerly the popular JAD was operated.[citation needed]


In 2011, Alex Kosinsky initiated a variant[1] of JD-Eclipse which supports the alignment of decompiled code by the line numbers of the originals, which are often included in the original Bytecode as debug information.

In 2012, a branch of JDEclipse-Realign by Martin "Mchr3k" Robertson[2] extended the functionality by manual decompilation control and support for Eclipse 4.2 (Juno).

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