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Developer(s) Markus Helbig, Simon Urbanek, Ian Fellows
Stable release
1.7-14 / May 9, 2013 (2013-05-09)
Operating system Cross-Platform
Platform R programming language
Type Statistical software
License GNU General Public License

JGR (pronounced 'Jaguar') is a universal and unified Graphical User Interface for the R programming language, licensed under the GNU General Public License.

JGR is a cross-platform stand-alone R terminal, and can be used as a more advanced substitute to the default Rgui (on Windows) or to a simple R session started from a terminal. It provides a friendly R-console complemented by a spreadsheet-like data editor and by a script editor featuring syntax highlighting, autocompletion and (MS Excel-style) arguments-suggestions for entered functions, and direct command transfer.

Although unlike Rcmdr, RKWard, Rattle or PMG, JGR provides no statistical menu-driven facilities, recently a GUI on top of JGR has been developed: Deducer aims to be an intuitive graphical data analysis system in some respects similar to SPSS, Cornerstone or Minitab.

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