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Javād Ma'roufi (جواد معـروفی)

Javād Ma'roufi (1912, Tehran – December 7, 1993, Tehran), (Persian: جواد معروفی ‎‎) was a celebrated ethnic Persian (Iranian) composer and pianist.


Javād Ma'roufi was born in Tehran to the musician father Musā Ma'roufi and mother Ozrā Ma'roufi (or Ezra Ma'roufi) who both were distinguished pupils of Darvish Khan, a renowned music master of the time in Iran. Javād Ma'roufi lost his mother at young age,[1] and consequently grew up in his paternal family. He was taught in music first by his father, playing both the tar and the violin. At fourteen he attended the Academy of Music of which Ali-Naqi Vaziri was the director and where he studied the piano under the music master Tatiana Kharatian (تاتیانا خاراطیان). During this period he studied works by Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. In addition to studying western classical music, he studied Persian classical music under Ali-Naqi Vaziri.

Ma'roufi married at eighteen with Shams Zamān (شـمس زمان). They had four children, two daughters — Sho'kooh-Zamān (شکوه زمان), also known as Giti (گـیتی), and Jilā (ژیلا) — and two sons, Manouchehr (منوچهر), and Farhād (فـرهاد).

Ma'roufi was one of the most notable composers of the Persian classical music and one of the first pianists who wrote Persian pieces for the piano. Amongst his celebrated pieces are Khābhā-ye Talā'i (Golden Dreams), Jilā, Armenian Rhapsody, Isfahan Rhapsody, and Koo Koo.

Ma'roufi died in the morning of Tuesday 7 December 1993 (16 Āzar 1372 AH) in a hospital in Tehran.


  1. ^ The biography from which this information has been drawn indicates that Javād Ma'roufi was five years old when his sister Narges Ma'roufi was born and that Ms Ozrā Ma'roufi died "several years later". See the biographical section of the Official Website of Ostād Javād Ma'roufi.

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