Javanese Christian Church

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Gereja Kristen Jawa
Classification Protestant
Orientation Reformed
Polity Presbyterian Synod
Region Jawa Barat, Banten, DKI Jakarta, Jawa Tengah & Jawa Timur
Origin 17–18 February 1931
Kebumen, Central Java
Separations Gereja Kristen Sumatra Bagian Selatan
Congregations 32 presbyteries
Members + 218.998
Ministers 307
Official website

The Synod of Javanese Christian Church or Sinode Gereja-gereja Kristen Jawa (GKJ), founded on 17 February 1931, is a mutual bond of Javanese Christian Churches which amounts to 307 churches in 32 presbyteries, spreading in 6 provinces in the island of Java.[1]


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