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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Castillejo and the second or maternal family name is Rodríguez.
Javier Castillejo
Real name Francisco Javier Castillejo Rodríguez
Nickname(s) "El Lince"
Rated at Light middleweight
Height 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Nationality Spain
Born (1968-03-22) 22 March 1968 (age 48)
Parla, Madrid
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 72
Wins 62
Wins by KO 48
Losses 8
Draws 1
No contests 1

Francisco Javier Castillejo (born 22 March 1968) is a Spanish former professional boxer. He is a former WBC light middleweight champion and former WBA middleweight champion. He has fought against Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Sturm, Fernando Vargas, Julio César Vásquez, and Mariano Natalio Carrera. Castillejo is considered to be the best Spanish boxer in history.[citation needed]


Nicknamed "El Lince de Parla" ("Parla's Lynx", in English), Castillejo is a native of the Parla area of Madrid. He currently resides and trains in Madrid.

Professional career[edit]

Castillejo made his professional debut on 22 July 1988, when he outpointed Ángel Díez over six rounds in Madrid. He had an immediate rematch with Díez, on 2 September of the same year. Their second fight resulted in Castillejo's first knockout win, when he beat Diez in the fourth round. On 4 November, he had his first fight outside Madrid, and his first knockout win in the first round, when he beat Juan Perez in Torrejón.

Castillejo had four more wins, before he was defeated for the first time. On 19 August 1989, he lost an eight round decision to Del Bryan, in Benidorm. But he followed that loss with a streak of twenty two victories in a row.

Among the most notable wins during that streak were a fourth round knockout on 19 October 1990, of Alfonzo Redondo, which gave Castillejo the Spanish Welterweight Championship, at Leganés. On 5 July 1991, he retained that national championship, with another fourth round knockout victory, this time against Domingo Sanchez, in Lugo. On 10 April 1992, Castillejo got his first win when he knocked out former IBF lightweight champion, Puerto Rican Harry Arroyo, in three rounds at Leganes. He followed that victory with another win against former WBC light welterweight champion Saoul Mamby of Jamaica, by an eight round decision on 15 May, at Bilbao. On 12 December of that year, Castillejo added the WBC's Mundo Hispano light middleweight title, when he defeated Enrique Areco by a twelve round decision in Oviedo.

First title shot[edit]

Despite the fact that he had not fought outside Spain as a professional yet and thus he had little international fan recognition as a boxer, Castillejo received his first world title try, when he challenged Julio César Vásquez of Argentina, for Vazquez's WBA light middleweight title, on 24 April 1993, also in Leganes. Vazquez outpointed him over 12 rounds, ending his 22 fight winning streak.

After defending his Mundo Hispano regional title with success in a rematch with Victor Hugo Sclarandi on 29 October of that year by a knockout in five rounds, Castillejo finally had his first fight abroad when he beat Bernard Razzano by a knockout in six rounds, at Dijon, France, to conquer the European light middleweight title. He defended the title successfully four times, then lost it, on 3 January 1995 to the then WBA light middleweight champion Laurent Boudouani, in Épernay, France, by knockout in the ninth round.

His next fight was a victory by disqualification in six rounds on 14 July against Carlos Rocha Tovar in Seville. The victory against Tovar was followed by a rematch with Boudouani, who would once again defeat Castillejo, this time around by a twelve round decision, at Levallois, 6 January 1996.

Castillejo then won six more fights in a row before fighting for a world title again. He regained the EBU light middleweight title by knocking out the former WBA welterweight title challenger, Ahmed Dottuev, in round twelve at Suffolk, England, on 2 July 1998.

First world title[edit]

On 29 January 1999, Castijello got his second chance at becoming a world champion. He outpointed WBC light middleweight champion Keith Mullings over twelve rounds to join a handful of world champions to come from Spain. Despite some protests from Mullings' management team, the judges' decision remained, and Castillejo held the WBC title.

Losing the title to De La Hoya[edit]

After five defenses, where Castillejo retained the title, a fight was set between him and Oscar De La Hoya. It was Castillejo's first big time, Pay Per View event. Many fans, perhaps ignoring Castillejo's achievements in Europe and as defendind world champion, regarded Castillejo as another stepping stone in De La Hoya's career. Castillejo commented to this regard, saying on a press conference before the fight, which was held in Las Vegas, that "(he) didn't come to Las Vegas to do tourism, but to defend (his) title". Castillejo lasted the twelve round distance with De La Hoya, but was sent to the canvas seconds before the fight ended, and lost a unanimous twelve round decision and his world title, on 23 June 2001.

After six months, Castillejo returned to the boxing ring, beating the well regarded Xavier Moya by a knockout in five rounds, On 11 January 2002, to win the vacant European Community's Junior Middleweight title, in Barcelona.

On 12 July 2002, he partially regained the WBC light middleweight title, when he beat Roman Karmazin by a twelve round unanimous decision in Madrid, for the WBC's "Interim" title. This interim recognition was later retired from him, however, because he did not fight the WBC's recognized champion, which at the time was Shane Mosley, who had suffered an injury and was unable to box for the period being.

Castillejo then won four fights in a row, all by knockout.

He fought Fernando Vargas, in a fight that was supposed to be for the WBA's vacant light middleweight title, on 20 August 2005, in Chicago. It was decided ultimately to make the bout a ten round affair instead of a world championship fight. Despite being dropped in round three, Castillejo was able to last ten rounds with fellow former world light middleweight champion Vargas, but he lost a ten round decision to the Mexican-American.

Winning a middleweight title[edit]

On 15 July 2006, Castillejo sprang back on the boxing scene by defeating younger Felix Sturm of Germany to seize the WBA middleweight belt in an exiting fight. Sturm, making his first title defense, was headed to a one-sided win until Castillejo (61–6, 41 knockouts) caught him with a left hook against the ropes with 13 seconds left in the 10th Round.

Castillejo, then hit Sturm (27–2, 11 knockouts) with three uppercuts before the referee called the fight, making Castillejo, 38 at the time of his upset victory, the oldest man to win a recognized version on the World Middleweight Championship. He lost his title in his first defence against Argentine Mariano Natalio Carrera via a disputed 11th round TKO. Later on, Carrera tested positive for Clenbuterol and was suspended for 6 months by the WBA, thus Castillejo regained his title on 23 February. [1]. He lost the title 28 April 2007 in a rematch against Felix Sturm. He fought Mariano Natalio Carrera again on 13 November 2007, this time winning by KO in the 6th round.

Professional boxing record[edit]

62 Wins (43 knockouts, 18 decisions, 1 disqualification), 8 Loss, 1 Draws [2]
Result Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
Draw Spain Pablo Navascues Decision (points) 10 4 April 2009 Spain Leganés, ESP
Loss Germany Sebastian Sylvester KO 12 (12) 12 April 2008 Germany Neubrandenburg, GER For EBU light middleweight title
Win Argentina Mariano Natalio Carrera KO 6 (12) 13 November 2007 Germany Göppingen, GER
Loss Germany Felix Sturm Decision (unanimous) 12 28 April 2007 Germany Oberhausen, GER Lost WBA Light Middleweight title
Desc. Argentina Mariano Natalio Carrera NC 12 2 December 2006 Germany Neukoelln, GER Retain WBA Light Middleweight title
Win Germany Felix Sturm TKO 10 (12) 15 July 2006 Germany Hamburg, GER Won WBA Light Middleweight title
Win Venezuela Luis Carmona TKO 2 (10) 3 February 2006 Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ESP
Win Venezuela Presente Brito Decision (points) 8 4 November 2005 Spain Leganés, ESP
Loss United States Fernando Vargas Decision (unanimous) 10 20 August 2005 United States Rosemont, Illinois, USA
Win Uruguay Enrique Campos TKO 5 (8) 11 June 2004 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Nicaragua Genaro Rios TKO 3 (10) 16 April 2004 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Colombia Ignacio Solar TKO 2 (10) 12 September 2003 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Colombia Diego Castillo TKO 1 (12) 9 May 2003 Spain Leganés, ESP Won interim WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Russia Roman Karmazin Decision (unanimous) 12 12 July 2002 Spain Parla, ESP Won interim WBC Light Middleweight title
Win France Pierre Moreno TKO 7 (10) 26 April 2002 Spain Barcelona, ESP Retain EBU light middleweight title
Win Spain Xavier Moya TKO 5 (10) 11 January 2002 Spain Barcelona, ESP Won EBU light middleweight title
Loss United States Oscar De La Hoya Decision (unanimous) 12 (12) 23 June 2001 United States Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Lost WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Spain Javier Martinez Rodriguez KO 4 (12) 21 October 2000 Mexico Salon 21 (Mexico City), MEX Retain WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Guyana Tony Marshall Decision (unanimous) 12 21 July 2000 Spain Leganés, ESP Retain WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Venezuela Juan Rondon TKO 3 (10) 14 April 2000 Spain Leganés, ESP Friendly Fight
Win Algeria Mohamed Boualleg KO 8 (10) 17 March 2000 Spain Ciudad Real, ESP Friendly Fight
Win Denmark Michael Rask TKO 7 (12) 17 December 1999 Spain Leganés, ESP Retain WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Sweden Paolo Roberto TKO 7 (12) 10 September 1999 Spain Leganés, ESP Retain WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Costa Rica Humberto Aranda TKO 4 (12) 14 May 1999 Spain Leganés, ESP Retain WBC Light Middleweight title
Win United States Keith Mullings Decision (points) 12 29 January 1999 Spain Leganés, ESP Won WBC Light Middleweight title
Win Romania Cristinel Acatrinei TKO 2 (8) 16 October 1998 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Russia Ahmet Dottuev TKO 12 (12) 2 July 1998 United Kingdom Corn Exchange (Ipswich), UK Won EBU light middleweight title
Win Spain Fernando Jose Riera Decision (points) 10 18 March 1997 Spain Valencia, ESP Won Spanish light middleweight title
Win Dominican Republic Juan Ramón Medina TKO 8 (12) 12 July 1996 Spain Hernani, ESP Won WBC Mundo Hispano light middleweight title
Win Slovakia Tibor Horvath TKO 4 (6) 16 May 1996 Spain Madrid, ESP
Win Romania Stefan Driscu TKO 2 (8) 7 March 1996 Spain Madrid, ESP
Loss France Laurent Boudouani Decision (unanimous) 12 6 January 1996 France Levallois-Perret, FRA For EBU light middleweight title
Win Portugal Carlos Rocha Tomar Disqualification 6 14 July 1995 Spain Seville, ESP
Loss France Laurent Boudouani TKO 9 (12) 3 January 1995 France Épernay, FRA Lost EBU light middleweight title
Win Guatemala Ludovic Proto Decision (points) 6 23 July 1994 Spain Boiro, ESP Retain EBU light middleweight title
Win Belgium Patrick Vungbo Decision (points) 12 29 May 1994 Spain Leganés, ESP Retain EBU light middleweight title
Win Italy Valentino Manca KO 3 (12) 25 March 1994 Spain Córdoba, ESP Retain EBU light middleweight title
Win Italy Santo Colombo TKO 3 (12) 19 February 1994 Spain Madrid, ESP Retain EBU light middleweight title
Win France Bernard Razzano RTD 6 (12) 11 January 1994 France Dijon, FRA Won EBU light middleweight title
Win Argentina Hugo Daniel Sclarandi KO 5 (12) 29 October 1993 Spain Leganés, ESP Retain WBC Mundo Hispano light middleweight title
Win Puerto Rico Javier Rivera tKO 4 (8) 25 June 1993 Spain Leganés, ESP
Loss Argentina Julio César Vásquez Decision (unanimous) 12 24 April 1993 Spain La Ermita Parque Sur (Leganés), ESP For WBA World light middleweight title
Win Puerto Rico Jesus Carlos Velez Decision (points) 8 26 March 1993 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Argentina Enrique Areco Decision (points) 12 12 December 1992 Spain Oviedo, ESP Won WBC Mundo Hispano light middleweight title
Win Panama Antonio Campbell KO 3 (8) 13 October 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Romania Vasile Citea Decision (points) 8 17 July 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Argentina Jorge Sclarandi Decision (unanimous) 8 19 June 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win United States Saoul Mamby Decision (points) 8 15 May 1992 Spain Bilbao, ESP
Win United States Harry Arroyo TKO 3 (8) 10 April 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Colombia Edison Martínez KO 3 (8) 14 March 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win United Kingdom Lindon Scarlett Decision (points) 8 8 February 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Slovenia Gejza Stipak TKO 5 (8) 17 January 1992 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Belgium Patrick Vungbo TKO 5 (8) 6 December 1991 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Spain Domingo Sánchez TKO 4 (10), 0:51 5 July 1991 Spain Lugo, ESP Retain Spanish welterweight title
Win Puerto Rico Juan Rosario TKO 6 (8) 18 May 1991 Spain Madrid, ESP
Win France Eric Dindaine Decision (points) 8 21 December 1990 Spain Leganés, ESP
Win Spain Alfonso Redondo TKO 4 (10) 19 October 1990 Spain Leganés, ESP Won Spanish welterweight title
Win Colombia José Salinas KO 1 (8) 17 August 1990 Spain Almería, ESP
Win Colombia Claudio Salgado TKO 1 (6) 14 July 1990 Spain Parla, ESP
Win Colombia Mateo Valdez TKO 2 (8) 31 May 1990 Spain Madrid, ESP
Win Dominican Republic Felix Rodríguez TKO 5 (8) 5 May 1990 Spain Zaragoza, ESP
Win Portugal Carlos Tavarez TKO 2 (6) 16 February 1990 Spain Bilbao, ESP
Win United Kingdom Louie Antuna Decision (points) 6 30 December 1989 Spain Santoña, ESP
Win Netherlands Jimmy Bartes TKO 2 (6) 16 November 1989 Spain Madrid, ESP
Loss United Kingdom Del Bryan Decision (points) 8 19 August 1989 Spain Benidorm, ESP
Win Portugal Victor Carvalho Decision (points) 6 29 July 1989 Spain Madrid, ESP
Win Spain Juan Antonio López Decision (points) 8 14 June 1989 Spain Madrid, ESP
Win Spain Modesto Villardell TKO 1 (6) 23 February 1989 Spain Madrid, ESP
Win Spain Santiago Vasquez Decision (points) 6 19 November 1988 Spain Irún ESP
Win Spain Juan Pérez TKO 1 (4) 4 November 1988 Spain Torrejón de Ardoz, ESP
Win Spain Angel Diez TKO 4 (6) 2 September 1988 Spain San Martín de Valdeiglesias, ESP
Win Spain Angel Diez Decision (points) 6 22 July 1988 Spain Madrid, ESP

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EBU Light Middleweight Champion
11 January 1994 – 3 January 1995
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WBC Light Middleweight Champion
29 January 1999 – 23 June 2001
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