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Javier Jacinto (born 1968) is a Spanish composer.


Born in Pasaia (Guipuzcoa, Spain) in 1968, he is a graduate of the Conservatoire of Music of San Sebastian and a graduate in Orchestral Conducting, as well as in Composition for the Real High Conservatoire of Music of Madrid, studying among others with Francisco Escudero and Antón García Abril. He is present likewise at classes of piano and of violoncello in the mentioned conservatoires. Wide his studies in courses of composition and orchestral conducting with Franco Donatoni, Carmelo Bernaola, Cristobal Halffter, Gerard Grisey and Enrique García Asensio.

His works have been rewarded in contests of composition as Prize "Joaquín Turina" 1999 and 2000, I reward "Flora Prieto", Prize "Foundation Guerrero", I reward "Contest Young SGAE Composers" 1999 and 2001, Reward "Musical Contemporary Creation Govern Basque" 1999, Prize "Virgin of the Almudena-Union Fenosa" 2000, Reward "Paul Sorozabal" 2001, Reward "Gonzalez Bastida".


In his catalogue they find works to only, of chamber, symphonic, scenic music, electroacustic and mixed, that have been interpreted in national and international festivals of Europe, Asia and America as the festival " Point of Meeting " organized by the Association of Music Electroacústica of Spain (AMEE), Cycle " Creative Young men " organized by the CDMC (Center of Art Reina Sofia), Festival of Music of the Sarre (Germany), Cycles of the Foundation Sax Ensemble: The Music in the Border of the Third Millennium, Concerts of 2 emitted by TVE, MUSIKASTE 2000 Cycle " Around Luis de Pablo ", the XIIth World Congress of the Saxophone in Montreal (Canada), V Concierto of the Almudena (Madrid), 62 Musical Fortnight of San Sebastian 2001, International Festival of Music of Santander 2001 and Regular Season of the Symphonic Orchestra of Basque Country.

His works have been conducted by the prestigious orchestral conductors as Victor Pablo, Juanjo Mena, J.R. encinar, J. amigo, A. Albiach, J. Cerveró and G. Pehlivanian. His compositions have released orchestras as that of Radio Spanish Television, the Symphonic Orchestra of Basque Country, the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia or the Symphonic Orchestra of Seville.

In April, 2002 there releases the work " The Great Garden " RTVE's Orchestra in the Monumental Theatre of Madrid under Alvaro Albiach's conduction, and later interpreted by the Royal (Real) Symphonic Orchestra of Seville, under the conduction of J.R. Encinar. In 2005 his work " Prelude and Don Quijote's fantasy " for guitar is interpreted by M ª Esther Guzmán in the Festival of Music of Santander and later in Tokyo (Japan). In February, 2006 it releases his opera "Caronte" with libretto of E. Santiago, Angel Haro's scenery and wardrobe of Paco Rabanne in the Basque Country. In December, 2006 releases his 1st Symphony untituled “Brief" with RTVE's Orchestra under the conduction of G. Pehlivanian in the Monumental Theatre of Madrid.

Orchestral conductor[edit]

Since conductor made début internationally in Berlin directing the " Deutsches Kamer Orchestra ". He founds and conducts for four years the " Young Orchestra of the Association of Schools of Euskal-Herria's Music ", formed by instrumentalists of the whole Basque Country. Of between his multiple emphasizes the concert interpreted in the 62 Musical Fortnight interpreting between other works the Concert N º 1 for piano of Zulema de la Cruz with Guillermo Gonzalez as soloist. He has conducted in several occasions the group of Chamber "Sax Ensemble", with special dedication to the contemporary and Spanish music in places as the National Audience of Madrid or the Audience of the Center Conde Duque of Madrid.

He conducts from 2001 to 2003 the Symphonic Orchestra of the High Conservatoire of Music of Badajoz. During the season 2003-2004 he is the Titular Director of the Municipal Band of the City of Badajoz.


He develops his educational and investigative labor as teacher of Musical Computer science in the " Laboratory of Musical Computer science and Composition for Computer " of the Professional Conservatoire "Pasaia Musikal" (Guipuzcoa) from 1996 until 2001. During the period 2001-2003 he is a teacher of composition in the High Conservatoire of Music of Badajoz.

Currently he reconciles his artistic activity with the pedagogic one. He collaborates with the General Society of Authors and Publishers (Spain) (SGAE) as specialist in symphonic music and is A Civil servant of Career (speciality Orchestral Conducting) of the Community of Madrid in the Professional Conservatoire of Majadahonda's Music, conducting his Symphonic Orchestra from 2006.

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