Javier Ortega Smith

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Javier Ortega Smith

(Javier Ortega Smith-Molina) Boinas verdes. Demostrando en publico lo que se vale by Antonio Rodríguez Jiménez. 25.05.2018.jpg
In 2015 in Alicante
Personal details
Francisco Javier Ortega Smith-Molina

(1968-08-28) 28 August 1968 (age 50)
Madrid, Spain
CitizenshipSpanish / Argentine
Political partyVox (since 2013)
OccupationLawyer, politician, military servicemember
Military service
Branch/serviceSpanish Army
UnitSpecial Operations Groups

Francisco Javier Ortega Smith-Molina (born 1968) is a Spanish-Argentine lawyer, politician and former military servicemember. He is the current Secretary General of the Spanish far right party Vox, the second most prominent party position after president Santiago Abascal.[1]


Born on 28 August 1968 in Madrid, son of a Spanish father and an Argentine mother, he holds dual Spanish and Argentine citizenship.[2] Son and grandson of lawyers,[3] he studied at the San Agustín School at Padre Damián Street, Madrid. He later took studies in Law in a educational centre in Toledo dependent of the Complutense University of Madrid, finishing his degree at the University of Alcalá.[2]

Collaborator in Así , theoretical bulletin of Falange Española de las JONS of Ciudad Lineal (neighborhood in Madrid), in 1986 he signed in this publication the article «No olvidar» (Do not forget), where Ortega Smith extolled then the figure of José Antonio Primo de Rivera and glorified the interwar Falange party.[4]

Former member of the Special Operations Groups of the Spanish Armed Forces, the so-called "green berets",[1] he was also a keen practitioner of martial arts until a knee injury prevented him from continuing.[2] A cousin of Juan Chicharro Ortega, general in reserve duty and chief executive officer of the Francisco Franco National Foundation, Ortega Smith keeps a close relationship with him.[5]

He stood in the 1994 European Parliament election as candidate of the Foro-CDS coalition.[6][3]

He worked in his capacity as lawyer in the judicial department of the DENAES Foundation ("for the Defence of the Spanish Nation"). He also served as spokesman of the organisation.[7]

Ortega Smith during a Vox rally in 2018

Founding member of Vox, he was included in 2013 as provisional Vice-President of the organisation in the procedure for the registration of the political party in the Ministry of the Interior required for its legalisation.[8] He headed the Vox electoral list for the 2015 municipal election in Madrid.[9]

In June 2016 he took part in a propaganda stunt along with other Vox members in Gibraltar, spreading a Spanish flag in the British overseas territory. He fled swimming away from the Rock.[10] Tasked with managing the judicial strategy of Vox,[1] he played a role in the private accusation exerted by Vox in the judicial proceedings at the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, the Audiencia Nacional and the Supreme Court against Catalan separatist leaders facing criminal charges.[11]

After the 2018 Andalusian regional election, he was the national delegate of the party signing the accord with the People's Party for the composition of the Board of the Parliament of Andalusia that ultimately gained Vox a seat in it, thereby rapidly frustrating the attempt to establish a cordon sanitaire around the far right party by the rest of parliamentary forces.[12]


Ortega Smith is a staunch militarist.[13] He argues that the History of Spain is "inalienable" and defines it as inextricably "linked to the sword and the cross".[14] According to Guillermo Fernández, the 2018 Vistalegre bullring speech by Ortega Smith—that started by praising the "leading" role of Spanish forces in the 1571 victory of the Battle of Lepanto over "barbarism", the aim being to fuel a sense of the Nation's historical destiny–was an attempt to connect with the discursive and ideological ideas of the Spanish extreme right.[15] As guest at the demonstration of the policial association Jusapol in Barcelona on 29 September 2018, his speech during the event included a diatribe against the European Union.[16]


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Secretary General of Vox
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