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Jawa 350 from 1954, exhibited at the Motortechnica museum in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
Jawa 350 from 1988

The Jawa 350 is a motorcycle, produced by Jawa Moto in Czechoslovakia until 1992 and in the Czech Republic until present. With its two-stroke, air-cooled 343 cc engine it could reach speeds of 132 kilometres per hour (82 mph). In the 1950s it was exported into over 120 countries of the world.[1]

The Jawa 350 remains popular thanks to its dominance of the Communist Bloc countries of Eastern Europe from the 1960s to the 1990s. Competitors of that time included the German MZ (250 cc) and Simson (250 cc Sport & Avo), the Hungarian Pannonia (250 cc), the Polish Junak (350 cc) and the Soviet IZh (350 cc). This was a period before the penetration of Eastern Europe by Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. In the early nineties was made additional model line Jawa 350 type 640.

The Jawa 350 two stroke twin cylinder motorcycle is still in production, although its styling and design has changed over the years. It is imported and sold in the UK where the two 350cc two stroke models are named the "Classic" and the "Sport". 2012 UK models are equipped with electronic ignition, electric starters and automatic pumped oil injection. They are also imported and sold in Ireland and are distributed throughout Europe.