Jawad Bashir

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Jawad Bashir
Born Lahore, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Actor, Director, Singer
Years active 1995–present

Jawad Bashir is a Pakistani director, actor and singer. He was born in Lahore and studied at the National College of Arts (NCA), where he and his friends, mainly in coordination with Director/Special Effects/Musician Ahsan Khan started the classic spoof TV programme 'VJ' Video Junction on NTM. The programme was an instant hit and Jawad later rose to prominence as a prolific sitcom director most of which were shot in NCA. Jawad Bashir was also the member of a music group called Dr. Aur Billa. Jawad Bashir has also been prominent as a video director. Most of his Videos are funky with a humorous touch.


It was Jawad Bashir who then carried on with the genre and became perhaps the most prolific sitcom-maker of the country. Later on, the director left the show and its writer Sarmad Khoosat held the reins of direction as well. Like Jawad Bashir, he too has now burgeoned into a recognized, if not accomplished, director.

It was Shashlik that proved to be the precursor to a variety of comedy series from Lahore. One such sitcom was Jutt & Bond, directed by Zain and penned by Vasay Chaudhry. The show brought together, in a laughter-inducing manner, two iconic cinema heroes of East and West, Maula Jutt and James Bond and gained tremendous popularity, particularly among the urban audiences. In 2007, He searched for new talent and included Khurram Butt in his team as a writer. In his direction, Khurram Butt wrote several popular sitcoms like "Couples", "Phool Aur Kantay", Kamal House and Cafe Inqalaab. So Khurram Butt has the credit of becoming a writer who wrote the maximum for Jawad Bashir. Now doubt Jawad Bashir is the director who brought innovation in Drama industry of Pakistan specially in Sitcoms.


Films Directed[edit]

Television Serials[edit]

Year Drama Title Channel Acted Directed
1997 Teen Bata Teen PTV Yes Yes
1998 Shashlik Ptv World Yes Yes
1999 Wrong Number Ptv World Yes Yes
2008 Phool Aur Kantay PTV Home Yes Yes
2010 Couples  ?? Yes Yes
2013 Cafe Inqalab PTV Home Yes Yes
2014 Kamal House Ary Digital No Yes

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