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Ayatollah Mirza Jawad Tabrizi
Born 1926
Tabriz, Iran
Died 2006
Qom, Iran
Website Official Website

Ayatollah Mirza Jawad Tabrizi (Persian: آية الله العظمی شیخ میرزا جواد تبریزی) was an Iranian Twelver Shi'a Marja'. He was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1926 AD (1347 AH). At 22 he moved to Qom and later to Najaf, Iraq until he was deported. He then moved back to Qom and was a teacher in the hawza of Qom until his death. He died in Qom, Iran in 2006 AD (1427 AH).[1]

Early life and background[edit]

He was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1926 AD (1347 AH). He passed his matriculation from Tabriz. In 1946 AD (1365 AH), he got admission in religious Madrasah Talibia of Tabriz, despite opposition from some family members & some school teachers. He was then 18 years old. He completed books of Muqaddamat and some books of Satheeyat in a brief period of 4 years.[2]

Education at Hawza Elmiye Qom[edit]

In 1950 AD (1369 AH), at the age of 22, he moved to Qom hawza. There he finished Satheeyat, and attended lectures of G. A. Hujjat and G. A. Borujerdi for Dars-i-Kharij.

Education at Hawza Elmiye Najaf and Clerical Activities[edit]

Deportation to Iran and Clerical Activities at Hawza Elmiya Qom[edit]

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