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Jawahar Bharati Degree College, established in 1951, is in the town of Kavali in Nellore district of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Jawahar Bharati draws students from towns in Nellore district. In 1951 it was started as Kavali Collegeor "Visvodaya"A young graduate D. Ramachandra Reddy established the college, with a view to impart education to the poor and needy people of Kavali - in 100 acars of land - comprising Visvodaya College (latere changed to Jawahar Bharati College),Visvodaya Boys High School, Visvodaya Girls High School and Preporatory School also for kinds

Many eminent scholars like Sri Peddada Ramaswamy,Sri S V Bhujangaraya Sarma (as principal) Indaganti Hanumanchastri (telugu scholor)and Kowta Rammohan Sastri - as principal of Bezawada Gopal Reddy School of Fine Arts - worked in this institution

The institute has an A grade rating and Institute with potential for excellence from NAAC peer committee (UGC, New Delhi) Literary and political figures worked in the college like K.V.Ramana Reddy, VIRASAM founder member and leading literary critic, G.Kalyanarao, B.V.Raghavulu, ChintaMohan, SubrahmanayamIAS, Special Secretary to CM, Adala Prabhakar Reddy, and VenugopalReddy.

The scientist Dr. Amara rama Rao was a bud of the college. Dr. Rama Rao is a scientists in the field of HIV vaccine and Immunology. His work on heterologous DNA prime MVA boost approach is in clinical trials in US and is one of the five HIV vaccine candidates entered into clinical trials worldwide.

Following in his footsteps Dr. Venkateswarlu Chamcha, is another student of Jawahar Bharthi, working in a similar field at the Emory Vaccine Center in the USA. He did his PhD in one of India's premier institutes - the National Institute of Virology, in Pune. He says that "I am a student of Jawahar Bharathi".