Jawahir Ahmed

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Jawahir Ahmed
جواهر احمد
Born 1991
Logan, Utah
Nationality American
Occupation model
Title Miss Somalia, Miss Africa Utah

Jawahir Ahmed (Somali: Jawaahir Axmed; Arabic: جواهر احمد‎‎) is a Somali-American model.

Personal life[edit]

Ahmed was born in 1991 in Logan, Utah to Somali parents. Her family moved to the United States earlier in the year, as the civil war in Somalia began.[1]

For her post-secondary education, Ahmed is studying at the Utah State University on a scholarship. Majoring in Health Education with a specialization in Health Sciences, she hopes to eventually serve as a health adviser for Engineers Without Borders.[1][2] Ahmed is also concurrently working for AmeriCorps and the CPASS college preparation program.[2]


Professionally, Ahmed is signed to the Stars Talent Group modeling agency.[3]

In 2013, she represented Somalia in the Miss Africa Utah pageant, which Ahmed wound up winning.[1] She also again served as Miss Somalia in the 2013 Miss United Nations USA pageant.[4]


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