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Jawbone is the pseudonym of Bob Zabor, an American blues musician from Detroit. He is particularly unusual in that he is a one-man band.[1] The instruments he plays include the harmonica, the guitar and the tambourine. He deliberately aims for a lo-fi sound, akin to early blues recordings.

He appeared on the BBC's John Peel show, and has been included on various magazine CDs there.


  • Dang Blues (2004 CD, Loose Music
  • hi-de-hi b/w walter john (7" Record)
  • Johnny Cash Tribute CD (free with Mojo magazine, featuring "Get Rhythm")
  • This Is Punk Rock Blues Vol. 1 (Various Artists, CD featuring "4-11-44")
  • Hauling (2006 CD, Loose Music)
  • Chug a Lug b/w Get Rhythm (7" Record)


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