Jawi, Penang

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Country Malaysia
State Penang
District South Seberang Perai
 • Local government Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai
(Seberang Perai Municipal Council)
 • Tuan Yang DiPertua MPSP Maimunah binti Mohd. Sharif
 • Nibong Tebal Member of Parliament Mansor Othman (PKR)
 • Jawi State Assemblyman Soon Lip Chee (DAP)
Time zone UTC+8 (MST)
 • Summer (DST) Not observed
Postal code 14200
International dialling code prefix +6045 (landline only)
Website http://www.mpsp.gov.my

Jawi or Perkampungan Jawi is the popular village town on the mainland side of Penang, Malaysia after Valdor Village. It is located before the Jawi river from Penang. The poscode here are Sungai Jawi, not Jawi. This is because there is a Jawi river linking here. Therefore, Jawi or Desa Jawi chose to be the government sectors area for South Seberang Perai or SPS.

Jawi is also a midtown from Nibong Tebal to Sungai Bakap like Glugor, the midtown also in Bayan Baru to Pusat Bandar Air Itam, Penang. The Jawi toll plaza is also looked huge as the population here is also quite a lot.

People here will also taking the Bukit Tambun exit to Penang always, this is because the toll rates from Bukit Tambun to Penang is RM 1.60. It is very cheap for the people here to Penang like the toll of Federal Highway in Kuala Lumpur compared to the Jawi toll which needs RM 3.30. People here will pass through the Penang-Ipoh trunk road and then ramped into the expressway road only to Penang like from Kulim to Butterworth in Kedah via the Kulim-Penanti road. In Kulim, the toll rates to Butterworth is around RM 2.00 somemore.

In Desa Jawi before the river bridge, it is the government sectors of the South Seberang Perai's district. The Jalan Besar Jawi was also built wider as in Jalan Sungai Bakap as the traffic here is quite busy for its population. All the residents in Valdor, Nibong Tebal, Sungai Bakap and Bukit Tambun have to pay their government payments at the district capital here.

It is located in the parliamentary constituency of Nibong Tebal. It is bordered by Nibong Tebal, Sungai Bakap, Parit Buntar and Tanjung Piandang. Therefore, the traffic here are quite heavy than in Kepala Batas in the north, making Jawi to be the third-largest town in Penang.

Jawi is the third largest village town in Penang like in Pengkalan Berapit, Bukit Mertajam. Another village town near here in Penang is Valdor. There are also a lot of towns near here such as Nibong Tebal, Sungai Bakap, and Parit Buntar.

Jawi Penang is another name for the Penang population of Indian-Malay mixed marriages, also known as Mamak. The PLUS highway opened an exit near Jawi. This is because Jawi is a short name to the people. Many of the people from the outside cities like Kulim and Penang City will say the word, the area of Jawi at all the times. The people of Penang are seldom using the word, Sungai Bakap, Valdor and Sungai Jawi when saying as these names are quite long to tell.

Jawi is also highway village along the Penang-Kuala Lumpur expressway. Jawi toll plaza is a huge toll plaza, it has 8 toll booths, 4 ticket lanes, 3 Touch n Go lanes, and 2 Smart TAG lanes. The way to Nibong Tebal and Parit Buntar from Penang direction is entering Jawi highway interchange. A police station is located in front of all the Perkampungan near Jawi. A new Penang Bridge to Batu Maung is also started at Jawi Highway. The information is made by the Penang Bridges' traffic flows sign. It is RM 10.50 to go to Penang from Jawi highway.

The Kerian Sentral Mall is a newly opened shopping malls in Parit Buntar. There are many nation artist had been to here for performance. Thus, the people will be meeting the international and the local artists who come to sing songs here. They need not to go up to Sunway, Buttrworth Mall anymore.

There are also a Chinese secondary school near Parit Buntar. It is SMJK Krian. Parit Buntar is located 10 kilometres from Jawi only. The people from Parit Buntar will be taking the nearer Jawi highway interchange to Penang. While to Kuala Lumpur Highway, they are only using the next exit, Bandar Baharu exit which is also located 10 kilometres away like the people in Valdor village.

The Chinese cemetery is also found opposite near Jawi village.

Jawi Toll Price From First Link Penang[edit]

Class Type of vehicles Rate
(in Malaysian Ringgit (RM)
0 Motorcycles
(Vehicles with two axles and two wheels)
1 Private Cars
(Vehicles with two axles and three or four wheels (excluding taxi and bus))
RM 1.10
2 Vans and other small good vehicles
(Vehicles with two axles and six wheels (excluding bus))
RM 1.60
3 Large Trucks
(Vehicles with three or more axles (excluding bus))
RM 2.20
4 Taxis RM 0.50
5 Buses RM 0.90

Jawi Toll Price From Second Link Penang[edit]

Class Type of vehicles Rate
(in Malaysian Ringgit (RM)
0 Motorcycles
(Vehicles with two axles and two wheels)
2 Private Cars
(Vehicles with two axles and three or four wheels (excluding taxi and bus))
RM 2.00
2 Toucn n Go users RM 2.00

Highway infrastructure[edit]

South bound[edit]

  • 5 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Sungai Bakap
  • 21 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Sungai Juru
  • 48 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Tikam Batu, Kedah

North bound[edit]

  • 5 kilometres from Hentian Sebelah Alor Pongsu, Kedah
  • 21 kilometres form Gunung Semanggol Rest House
  • 37 kilometres away from Hentian Sebelah Taiping

Coordinates: 5°12′N 100°30′E / 5.200°N 100.500°E / 5.200; 100.500