Jaworzno Power Station

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Jaworzno Power Station
Elektrownia J. III.JPG
The Jaworzno III Power Station
Jaworzno Power Station is located in Poland
Jaworzno Power Station
Location of Jaworzno Power Station in Poland
Official name Elektrownia Jaworzno I-II-III
Country Poland
Location Jaworzno
Coordinates 50°12′30″N 19°12′18″E / 50.20827°N 19.20490°E / 50.20827; 19.20490Coordinates: 50°12′30″N 19°12′18″E / 50.20827°N 19.20490°E / 50.20827; 19.20490
Status Operational
Commission date 1898 (Jaworzno Power Station I)
1953 (Jaworzno Power Station II)
1976 (Jaworzno Power Station III)
Decommission date 1998 (Jaworzno Power Station I)
Owner(s) PKE
Operator(s) PKE Elektrownia Jaworzno III
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Cogeneration? yes
Cooling source 6 × cooling towers
Power generation
Units operational Jaworzno Power Station II:
1 x 60 MW
2 x 70 MW
Jaworzno Power Station III:
5 x 225 MW
1 x 220 MW
Make and model Rafako
Units decommissioned Jaworzno Power Station I: 320 kW
CHP heating capacity 321 MWt
Nameplate capacity 1,545 MW

The Jaworzno Power Station is a complex of coal-fired thermal power stations at Jaworzno, Poland.

The largest plant of the Jaworzno power plant complex is called Jaworzno III. It has an installed electrical generating capacity of 1,345 MW, as well as thermal heating capacity of 321 MWt.[1] About 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) to the east is Jaworzno II, with an installed electrical generating capacity of 200 MW.


The beginnings of the plant go back to 1898, when the first two generators were installed with the capacity of 320 kW for the purpose of lighting the neighbouring coal mines and houses. In 1959, after modernization the power station's capacity reached 157 MW.[2]

Is 1940s, the construction of the Jaworzno II Power Station started and in 1953 the first two generating units became operational. In 1956, the Jaworzno Power Station II reached the capacity of 300 MW. The two power stations were merged into a single company in 1972.

Construction of the Jaworzno III Power Station started in 1972 and the generating units were commissioned in 1976–1979. In 1995, all three stations were combined into a state-owned company called Elektrownia Jaworzno III. The first power station was decommissioned in 1998. In 2000, the Elektrownia Jaworzno III became part of PKE SA.

The Jaworzno III Plant[edit]

Jaworzno III has a 306-metre (1,004 ft) high flue gas stack which is one of Poland's tallest free standing structures.

Skyline of Jaworzno III

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