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J. C. Batzner is a composer primarily of electronic music and is a currently on the faculty of Central Michigan University.[1] Jay Batzner is also the programming director for Electronic Music Midwest[2] He ran a daily podcast about miniatures[3] He wrote the music for Carla Poindexter's Carnival Daring Do[4][5] His 10-minute opera Secrets & Waffles debuted in Carnegie Hall with the Remarkable Theater Brigade's Opera Shorts in 2010.[6][7][8] Batzner's work was also part of several 60x60 mixes including the Sanguine Mix, Order of Magnitude Mix, 2009 International Mix,[9] Evolution Mix (part I), 2005 Midwest Mix.[10][11] In 2012, Jay Batzner brought 60x60 Dance with his colleague Heather Trommer-Beardslee to Central Michigan University[12][13]


  • Quills and Jacks of Outrageous Fortune 60x60 2005 CD Vox Novus[14]
  • Sonance: New Music for Piano[15]


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