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Jay Blahnik
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Jay Blahnik is a fitness instructor, consultant, author, and Director of Fitness and Health technologies for Apple Inc. Widely known as an authority on exercise and fitness issues, Blahnik has been a fitness expert for MSNBC.com and the Los Angeles Times and authored the 2004 book Full-Body Flexibility.[1] He currently works at Apple as the Director of Fitness for Health Technologies.

Fitness expert[edit]

Jay Blahnik has been called[by whom?] a fitness instructor, trainer, and educator. He has produced a large number of fitness and workout videos and has consulted and represented a variety of prominent fitness industry organizations including Nike, Nautilus,[2] Bowflex, Schwinn[3] and Stairmaster.[4]

Jay is a resident fitness consultant and contributor for the MSNBC.com and NBCnews.com networks,[4] and, in addition to authoring other books and articles, he has been a regular contributor on fitness and related tropics for the Los Angeles Times.[5]

Blahnik has also consulted as a topical expert on a variety of fitness issues ranging from technical instructions like treadmill techniques[6] to strategic questions like what kinds of workout are appropriate at specific points in the fitness journey,[7] and he has been consulted as an expert on careers in fitness.[8]

Jay is the Group Fitness Spokesperson for IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the largest association of fitness professionals in the United States.[citation needed] He is a Nikemember of Gatorade’s G Series Fit Team, a BOSU® Development Team member and the program developer for Schwinn Indoor Cycling. Blahnik is an Advisor for Equinox Fitness Clubs and is one of Australian Fitness Network’s most popular international event presenters.

Work with Nike[edit]

Blahnik was a Nike contract athlete and Nike consultant for over 18 years. He worked closely with Nike on the launch of Nike+ Running, which has become the largest digital running community in the world, and was named one of the best tech gadgets and services in 2006 by Time Magazine. He was also the original creator and program developer of the Nike Training Club App, and the Nike Training Club in-gym program. He was also a key expert and consultant for many of Nike’s Digital Sport initiatives including the Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ Kinect Training.

Full-Body Flexibility[edit]

Published in 2004, Blahnik’s book Full-Body Flexibility, provides techniques and strategies for creating and maintaining flexibility as part of a healthy workout routine and was a “critically acclaimed best seller”.[4]


Blahnik was selected as the International Instructor of the Year for the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, a global membership association for fitness and wellness professionals.[7][9]


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