Jay Catherwood Hormel

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Jay Catherwood Hormel
Born (1892-09-11)September 11, 1892
Austin, Minnesota, U.S.
Died August 30, 1954(1954-08-30) (aged 61)
Austin, Minnesota, U.S.
Spouse(s) Germaine Dubois Hormel
Children Geordie Hormel
Thomas Dubois Hormel
James Hormel
Relatives John George Hormel (grandfather)
Sussanah "Susan" Decker Hormel (grandmother)

Jay Catherwood Hormel (September 11, 1892 – August 30, 1954) was the son of George A. Hormel, founder of Hormel Foods, and was head of the company from 1929 to 1954.

Early life[edit]

Hormel was born in Austin, Minnesota, in 1892.

In 1914, Hormel left college to work for the Hormel company. He continued to work there with only a brief interruption to serve in the military during World War I. In 1929 he was named president of the company.


He married Germaine Dubois in 1922. They had three sons: George Albert "Geordie" Hormel, Thomas Dubois Hormel, and James Catherwood Hormel.


Hormel died on August 30, 1954 in Austin, Minnesota. H.H. Corey was named chairman of the board of Hormel a few months later.

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