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Dr. Jay N. Gordon (born 1948) is an American author, professor, and pediatrician.


Gordon is an author and celebrity pediatrician who is acclaimed for his holistic philosophy and moderate views on vaccinations. He became a member of the International Health Advisory Council of the La Leche League in 2005.[1][2]

His patients include Jenny McCarthy's son Evan.[3] Gordon appeared with McCarthy on an episode of Larry King Live in July 2008[4] to discuss the issue of children's vaccinations. He also appeared with McCarthy at the "Green Our Vaccines", rally.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Gordon is married with one daughter. He lives in Santa Monica, California, where he practices medicine.

Selected works[edit]

Gordon is the author and co-author of several books and a DVD on children, including:[6]

  • Brighter Baby (1999)[7]
  • Listening to your baby : a new approach to parenting your newborn (2002)
  • Good nights : the happy parents' guide to the family bed, and a peaceful night's sleep! (2002)
  • The ADD and ADHD cure : the natural way to treat hyperactivity and refocus your child (2008)
  • Vaccinations? : assessing the risks and benefits (DVD) (2008)[6]
  • Preventing Autism: What You Can Do to Protect Your Children Before and After Birth (2013)


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