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Dr. Jay N. Gordon (born 1948) is an American pediatrician, professor, and author, known for his holistic philosophy and extremist views on vaccinations. A longtime advocate of breastfeeding, he became a member of the International Health Advisory Council of the La Leche League in 2005.[1][2]

Gordon's patients include actress Jenny McCarthy's son Evan.[3] He appeared with McCarthy on an episode of Larry King Live in July 2008[4] to discuss the issue of children's vaccinations. He also appeared with McCarthy at the "Green Our Vaccines", rally.[5]

Gordon is married with one daughter. He lives in Santa Monica, California, where he practices medicine.

Selected works[edit]

Gordon is the author and co-author of several books and a DVD on children, including:[6]

  • Brighter Baby (1999)[7]
  • Listening to your baby : a new approach to parenting your newborn (2002)
  • Good nights : the happy parents' guide to the family bed, and a peaceful night's sleep! (2002)
  • The ADD and ADHD cure : the natural way to treat hyperactivity and refocus your child (2008)
  • Vaccinations? : assessing the risks and benefits (DVD) (2008)[6]
  • Preventing Autism: What You Can Do to Protect Your Children Before and After Birth (2013)


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