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Miocene landscape as envisioned by Matternes

Jay Matternes (April 14, 1933 - deceased by 2015 June) was an American paleoartist, whose work recreating early mammals from the Oligocene, Miocene and Pliocene epochs were widely published in the 1950s, including in the Time Life Books series. His work is in the collection of the American Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of Natural History.[1][2] He has envisioned the Ardipithecus fossil remain nicknamed Ardi.[3]

From the late 1960s to spring 2014 the Smithsonian Institution displayed a scale dinosaur diorama, based on his artwork, which also included painted landscape scenes by Matternes himself. His only known dinosaur illustrations were published in a National Geographic Society book in 1972.

Personal life[edit]

Matternes resides in Fairfax, Virginia.


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