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Jay Ranade, is a computer book author and information technology (IT) management consultant, and also a World Power Breaking Champion.

Ranade's first computer book was VSAM: Concepts, Programming, and Design. It is widely regarded as the definitive volume on Virtual storage access method (VSAM), a data management system introduced by IBM in the 1970s. The success of this book lead to Ranade being named editor in chief for the J. Ranade IBM Series of books, by McGraw-Hill which cover most mainframe computer topics.[1]

He has written and published more than 35 IT-related books on various subjects like networks, security, operating systems, languages, and systems. He has written and published articles for various computer magazines such as Byte, LAN Magazine, and Enterprise Systems Journal. The New York Times critically acclaimed his book The Best of Byte.[2]

Jay Ranade now leads "Risk Management Professionals International" and is an adjunct professor at New York University and St John's University in New York City.

Jay Ranade is an adjunct professor in St. John's University in Jamaica, NY

Jay Ranade is now part of the eDelta Consulting, Inc. team, providing certification training courses for eDelta Training Institute, their subsidiary.

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