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Father Jay Samonie
Born (1930-04-27)April 27, 1930
Detroit, Michigan
Died July 15, 2010(2010-07-15) (aged 80)
Garden City, Michigan

Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School
Sacred Heart Seminary
St. John's Provincial Seminary

University of Detroit, M.A.


Archdiocese of Detroit
Title Father
Parent(s) Jacob and Mary Samonie
Website Film Documentary Website

Rev. Jay Samonie, Ph. D. (April 27, 1930 – July 15, 2010) was a Detroit area priest, author, artist and pianist who wrote about his mystical spiritual experiences, including communication with his spirit guide Jesus, and out of body experiences.[1]

He was a self-taught painter and pianist. A movie, Light: The story of Father Jay Samonie. has been made documenting his life. He spoke English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Family Origin[edit]

Of Lebanese descent, Long family line of Priests and Bishops (maiden = Fadool) (Assemani, Lebanese)

Early life[edit]

Father hourly worker at Cadillac Motors for 25 years, then purchased and ran 2 grocery stores 10 of 11 children


Our Lady of Sorrows Elementary School in Detroit, Michigan 1944 Started studying to be a Priest (age 14) Ordained in 1956 Master's Degree From University of Detroit in 1971 He Learned Spanish while a summer job during seminar working with Mexican migrant workers near Bay City, Michigan Father Died 1955 (67) / His mother died 1958, at the age of 62, just before he was Ordained.



Mystical Experiences[edit]

  • On Ascension Thursday, May 26, 1937, Samonie was 7 years old and his family lived across the street from Mt. Elliott Cemetery. In the morning, along with three siblings, he saw a vision lasting one hour over the cemetery. They "saw thousands, perhaps millions of oval-shaped objects going up to the sky, and others going down into the earth ... Behind the objects in the sky, the vision also included three huge objects: A most beautiful lady dressed in blue and white ... a man with a beard. He was holding a child in the palm of his hand ... and a massive cross."
  • While on a tour of the Mexican pyramids of Teotihuacan, he writes he had his first out-of-body experience, where he experienced being a Mayan architect during the building of the pyramid.
  • During one of his visions, he was admitted into the Great White Brotherhood


Father Jay was reported to the Church four times for heresy, which he considers "credits."

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