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Jay Westerdal
Jay Westerdal

Known forFounder of DomainTools.com
Icy Westerdal
(m. 2010)

Jay Westerdal (born 1978) is a domainer and entrepreneur, best known for his work creating DomainTools.com, a web service that looks up historical ownership of a website. The whois service was integrated into Google's onebox in May 2008.[1] He later sold the company in 2008 for a reported $16–$18 million.[citation needed] He is a technology blogger.[2]


Westerdal started Name Intelligence/DomainTools in 2002 in his parent's garage. In May 2005, Jay started the domain conference "Domain RoundTable".[3] He later sold DomainTools in 2008 to Thought Convergence, Inc. The following year, after being acquired, he left TCI.


Westerdal's personal blog covers a wide range of topics, focusing mainly on technology, his mobile lifestyle, and search engine optimization from a personal perspective, in contrast to the DomainTools blog, where he wrote in an official capacity. He contributed to the EPP Protocol RFC 4930.[4]


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