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Coin of Jayadaman.

Jayadaman was a Western Kshatrapa ruler, although possibly only a Kshatrapa, rather than a Mahakshatrapa. He was the son of Chastana, and the father of Rudradaman I, but he may have pre-deceased Chastana, and never ruled as supreme ruler of the Western Kshatrapas.[1] This is suggested by the fact that Chastana and Rudraman I are known from contemporary Indian inscriptions to have ruled jointly.[2]

His diminished title may also have been a consequence of the conquests of the Satavahana over Kshatrapa territory.[2]

The coins of Jayadaman were rather crude, only made of copper and square in form.[2]

Preceded by
Western Satrap
130 CE?
Succeeded by
Rudradaman I