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Promotional poster
Directed by Bhagwan Dada
Written by N. R. Desai
  • K. T. Rukmini
  • K. Natarajan
  • Kulathu Mani
  • Babu
  • K. Kokila
  • K. T. Sakku Bai
  • S. Baasha
Music by C. Ramchandra
South Indian United Artistes Corporation[1]
Release date
Country India
Language Tamil

Jayakodi is a 1940 Indian Tamil language film. Directed by Bhagwan Dada, the film stars K. T. Rukmini, K. Natarajan, Kulathu Mani, Babu, K. Kokila, K. T. Sakku Bai and S. Baasha. The film dealt with the problems of dowry in India. No print of the film is known to survive, making it a lost film.[1]


Rajam (Rukmini) is a poor Brahmin girl. She remains unmarried because of the family's inability to offer dowry. A neighbouring family helps Rajam's family in times of need. Attempts to get her married fail miserably. Due to misunderstandings over money, a greedy moneylender murders Rajam's father and sets their home on fire. Now Rajam rises in a new avatar as a social rebel and takes up the cudgels against dowry. She is now known as "Jayakodi" and prospective bridegrooms demanding dowry begin to vanish mysteriously making people wonder whatever happened to them. After solving many dowry problems, she marries a man after her heart (Natarajan) and the couple carry on their chosen battle against the menace.[1]


  • K. T. Rukmini as Rajam
  • K. Natarajan as Rajam's husband
  • Kulathu Mani
  • Babu
  • K. Kokila
  • K. T. Sakku Bai
  • S. Baasha


C. Ramchandra composed the music of the film.[1]


Randor Guy praised the film for "the socially relevant and significant storyline, and the brilliant performance of Rukmini and her daredevil stunts."[1]


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