Jayavarman III

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Very little is known about Jayavarman II's son and successor, Jayavarman III (Khmer: ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៣), or Vishnuloka, the second ruler of Angkor.[1]:103 An inscription from Prasat Sak describes: "When he failed to capture a wild elephant while hunting, a divinity promised that he would secure the animal if he built a sanctuary."[2] There are some temples dated to his reign though none said that they belonged to him. He may have begun a small construction project which was overshadowed by his more ambitious successor and builder, Indravarman I. He died in 877 probably from chasing a wild elephant.[3]

Preceded by
Jayavarman II
Emperor of Angkor
Succeeded by
Indravarman I


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