Jayavarman IX

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Jayavarman IX, also known as Jayavarmadiparamesvara was sovereign of the Khmer Empire from 1327 to 1336.

Jayavarman IX was like his father Indrajayavarman a convinced Shivaite. According to the Cambodian Royal Chronicle, which named him "Sihanouk," [1] he was assassinated in 1336 by the head of the royal gardens Neay Trasac Paem Chay, 1 who married his daughter and took his place on the throne. This narrative is probably legendary (we find a very similar one in Burmese history: see Nyaung-U Sawrahan).

This sovereign is the last king mentioned by inscriptions on the monuments. The last Sanskrit inscription of Cambodia dates from the reign of Jayavarman Parameshwara


  1. ^ ↑ "Renowned for its ability to grow tasty cucumbers," according to A. Dauphin-Meunier, History of Cambodia.