Jayayakshya Malla

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Jayayakshya Malla
Juju of Nepal
king of the Malla Dynasty Nepal
Reign 1428 - 1482 CE.
Successor Ratna Malla
Born Nepal
Died 1482

Jayayakshya Malla (often named Yaksha Malla for short) (Nepali: यक्ष मल्ल) was a Malla Dynasty king of Nepal from around 1428 to 1482. He enlarged the boundaries of Nepal and developed infrastructure. He divided his lands among his sons, effectively ending the possibility of a unified Nepal for some time.

Construction works[edit]

encircled Bhaktapur city with moats and defense walls pierced with defense gates and ordered the construction of The Palace of Fifty-five Windows (Bhaktapur's Royal Palace).[1] The palace would later be remodelled by Bhupatindra Malla in the seventeenth century[2]

He constructed the Pashupatinath Temple, a replica of the temple by the Bagmati River in Kathmandu and the Siddha Pokhari, a large rectangular water tank located near the main city gate of Bhaktapur. He is also credited as the founder of Yaksheswar temple now standing in the palace complex.[3]

Conquests and treaties[edit]

Early in his reign, he raided south into Mithila, into the State of Bihar and as far as Bengal.[4] He consolidated control over the trade route to Tibet and captured the Tibetan stronghold of Shelkar Dzong.[4]

After his death in 1482, he was succeeded in Bhaktapur by his son, Raya Malla, and in Kantipur by his son Ratna Malla.


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