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Jaye may refer to:

First name[edit]

  • Jaye Davidson (born 1968), American-born British model and actor
  • Jaye Griffiths (born 1963), British actress
  • Jaye Jacobs (born 1982), English actress
  • Jaye Luckett (currently known as Jammes Luckett; born 1974), American musician, writer, visual artist, and voice actor
  • Jaye P. Morgan (born 1931), American singer, actress, and gameshow panelist
  • Jaye Radisich (1976–2012), Australian politician


  • Courtney Jaye (born 1978), American Indie music singer/songwriter
  • David Jaye (born 1958), American politician
  • Jerry Jaye (born 1937), American country/rockabilly singer
  • Sally Jaye (born ?), American folk singer/songwriter

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