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The Jayhawk Collegiate League is a collegiate summer baseball league consisting of six teams from Kansas. The league was formed in 1976 and is a "Premier League" within the National Baseball Congress.


The league includes the following teams:

The Heat joined the league in 2010 making them the most recent addition to the Jayhawk League having been a proven powerhouse out of Lake Havasu City, Arizona when they were the Havasu Heat.

The Twins joined the league in 2005. The team previously played in the Walter Johnson League.

The Larks have been league champions for five of the past six years 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006.

The Broncos officially moved from Wichita to El Dorado for the 1996 season. The Broncos had previously been located in Hutchinson before moving to Wichita.

Former teams:[2]

El Dorado (1976-1978)

Dodge City (1976-1981)

Cowley County (1976-1977)

Topeka (1976-1977)

Clarinda A's (1978-1993) (Joined MINK League)

Pueblo (1978)

Beatrice (1979-1985)

Sturgis (1980-1981)

Emporia (1981, folded after seven games)

Red Oak Red Sox (1984-1995) (Joined MINK League)

Nevada Griffons (1985-2008) (Joined MINK League)

Hutchinson (1986-1989)

Fort Smith (1987)

Amarillo Texans (1989-1993)

St. Joseph (1991-1995) (Joined MINK League)

Elkhart Dusters (1991-2004)

Topeka (1993-2003)

Kansas City Monarchs (1996)

Joplin Slashers (2005-2008) (Folded before the 2008 season finished)

NBC World Series Championships[edit]

  • Clarinda A's 1981
  • El Dorado Broncos/Reds 2009, 1998, 1996
  • Liberal BeeJays 2010,2000, 1985, 1979, 1968
  • Wichita Broncos 1989, 1990
  • Wellington Heat 2007

Notable alumni[edit]

All Star Ian Kinsler

Former teams[edit]

Jayhawk League or JBL for Jayhawk Baseball League former teams were (including the disbanded/mergers of the Okie State League and Sooner State Leagues in Oklahoma:

and Wynona, Oklahoma Highways/Highlanders/Highrollers.

  • And one in Western Kansas - Hays, Kansas Heat Wave/Lurkers/Huskers/Rifles, later moved to Missouri - the Maryville, Missouri Magpies later disbanded operations.

Included are absorbations of the small collegiate level Kansas City Metro League, Oklahoma City Area League and Tulsa Metro Area Baseball Leagues.


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