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Jayne Bickerton (née Tunnicliffe born 23 May 1967 in Saltaire, West Riding of Yorkshire, England) is an English actress.

She played recurring character Yana Lumb in Coronation Street between 2004 and 2007. She had previously performed as the stand-up comedy character Mary Unfaithful. She also appeared in 'That Peter Kay Thing' (episode called 'Leonard'). 'Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights' and 'Clocking Off'. As a writer and comedy performer she appeared in 'Live From The Lilydrome' and two series of 'Lily Live' as 'Mary Unfaithful' with Lily Savage. http://www.jaynebickertoncreations.com/on-tv-with-lily-savage-paul-o-grady.html

She played Paul Kaye's girlfriend Shona in Candy Cabs 2011. She also played a waitress in the TV film 'Just Henry' in 2011.

Jayne returned to stand up comedy in February 2013 as ukulele playing pop culture satirist Mary Unfaithful. Her current gigs can be found on http://www.jaynebickertoncreations.com/stand-up-mary-unfaithful.html

In 2007 she married former Coronation Street senior storyline writer and current Emmerdale Story Producer Mark Bickerton in Sydney, Australia.

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