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Jayne Irving (born 30 August 1956, Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire) is a British TV presenter best known for appearing on the Breakfast Television show Good Morning Britain.


Jayne Irving began her broadcasting career reading the news bulletins on the Sheffield-based independent radio station Radio Hallam in the late 1970s.[citation needed]

Irving worked as a reporter in Bristol before joining TV-am. Initially, she presented the news bulletins on "Good Morning Britain". Early in 1984, she got the chance to cover for Anne Diamond and then established herself as a regular on TV-am, alongside either Nick Owen or John Stapleton.

In 1986, Irving became the regular host of the new After Nine slot and appeared every weekday. She was a driving force behind the station's successful life-saving Cervical Cancer Campaign.[1]

Between 1986 and 1990, Jayne Irving was a regular co-presenter of the BBC morning phone-in programme Open Air with Eamonn Holmes. The show was essentially Points of View stretched out to one hour each weekday morning. It consisted of angry phone comments about the previous night's television in the United Kingdom.[2]

Irving went on to present for various regional TV companies, including Westcountry Focus for Westcountry Television, and also the Living satellite channel. In 1999, she presented the Cheating Hearts strand on Talk Radio (now called talkSPORT).[3]

More recently, she has presented programmes on satellite channels, including the Travel Channel.

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